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The Magic Question to Spark your Potential: “What if?”

mentalgameofmusic mindset musicianmindset neuroplasticity sparkyourpotential Oct 28, 2022

What if…?

Asking yourself “What if…?) is one of the very first steps in achieving your goals. Why? Because by cracking open even the idea of the possibility that something could happen for you that you want means you’re letting your mind believe that it could be possible.

And believing something is possible is the first step towards making it happen.

Let’s look at it from the other side : let’s say that you really want to win an audition, but you think it’s out of reach, that school/orchestra/etc. Won’t want you, you’ll never be good enough, blah blah blah… this is self-sabotage, and will most likely become a self-fulfilling prophecy even before you’ve begun.

Maybe you’ve already been in a situation that the negative self-talk started as soon as you saw the post for an opportunity you’d really like to have.

As we know, your mind is trying to keep you safe, and will put up a fight against you putting yourself in danger. So when that negative self-talk starts, it’s just your mind trying to keep you safe, coming up with all the reasons it won’t work out.

So what’s the antidote?

Ask yourself “What if…”!!

What if this were possible? What if I could win this audition? What if…?

Can you feel how your perspective changes? Suddenly we start thinking about the next step - what we would need to do to get there. 🚀

So next time you find yourself shutting an idea down before it’s even formed, change up the game and ask yourself “What if…?”

Happy practicing !


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