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Practice Makes … Pathways

Perfect? Permanent? Progress?

Well, kinda. But what practice really does is reinforce neurological pathways, so we “learn” how to do something, and eventually automate it.

So at its core, it’s an amazing thing, and really powerful. But we know that with great power comes great responsibility, right?

That’s why we take the time to practice with intention so that we spend our time learning instead of “unlearning” or “relearning” —> which just means that we spent too much time on the wrong path and now have to both build a new one AND remember to take it until we hit the tipping point and it becomes the superhighway. (Watch tomorrow for more about this part.)

So what we really have to remember is that anytime we practice something, we’re laying and reinforcing a pathway that eventually leads (progress) to automation (permanent, but not really). If we practice perfectly, our pathway better supports the idea that practice...

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Change the outcome of your week with great intentions

Monday Standup!  

What’s your intention for your practice this week?

 In The Practice Room, each week we have a Standup to set our intentions and set up the week. This helps us frame our practice to be goal-oriented, and keep us moving towards our dreams.  

Think about the difference between going grocery shopping with a menu vs going shopping randomly. You need food, but which one is more likely to nourish you? Nom nom!  

So. Take a minute and in your SPARK Practice Journal, or just a notebook, write down your big intention for the week.  

The possibilities are endless and they are only there to gently support you.

Tips for great intentions?  

  •  + Use 1st-person Singular “I” statements  
  • + Positive framing (no negs/double negatives)  
  • + Stretch with the right degree of difficulty (sustainable maximum progress is measured at about 73% outside the comfort zone - so use your SMART goals and stretch a bit, but not too...
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Deliberate Practice vs Intentional Practice, differences & similarities

What’s the difference between Intentional Practice and Deliberate Practice?

They start in the same place.

The theory of deliberate practice emphasizes, in the pursuit of expertise, quality over quantity of experiences and values the student's holistic ability to process, and integrate improvements in targeted skills (Ericsson et al., 1993).

It’s amazing. It helps us understand that we can have an influence on our brains through neuroplasticity. But Intentional Practice takes it a step further. When we work in an efficient way through targeted strategies, we get better faster by laying better neural pathways. When we bring in intention, the quality of those connections and pathways improves further, increasing integration, confidence, and consistent, sustainable excellence. 

Intentional Practice adds two major elements to Deliberate Practice :

1/ Intention as a guide. Having an overarching direction helps us stay on track and go further. It also helps us maintain progress...

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