How do you play the way you've always dreamed?

SPARK Practice.

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SPARK Practice

Level-up your playing and transform your performance confidence through the neuroscience-driven mindful productivity of the Intentional Practice System. 

At SPARK Practice we teach boosted, efficient music practice, supportive mental preparation with mindsets for performance, and accelerated, easy confident performance. We collaborate with inspired musicians and innovative educators like you!

Ready to become the muscian you've always wanted to be?

Practice Makes Performance

You already know that you perform what you practice. 

But you're ready to practice with the performance in mind with a proprietary system that keeps you focused, having fun, and connects you with your goals.

Boost what you already do with proven strategies and innovative frameworks to work with your system, learn faster, get hurt less, be nicer to yourself, and confidently perform like the musician you know you can be - especially when it counts.   

Discover the power of SPARK Practice®️ & the Intentional Practice System©️

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Neurologically-Accelerated Learning with Expert Proprietary Strategies

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Make friends with your Mind, Build Resilience, and Overcome Performance Anxiety



Accelerated, Confident Performance with Intentional Practice for Performance

I'm Sarah, 

the Practice Professor

I am so excited for you. You're here because you're ready for more. You're here because you know there's a better way to practice, and to prepare for what's important to you. You're in the right place - and I've got you. I can't wait to join you on your journey to play the way you've always dreamed. Don't worry - your best performances are coming.

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Neuroscience & Mindfulness 

meet Peak Performance 

SPARK Practice is the revolutionary practice system for instrument mastery and accelerated peak performance. 

Intentional Practice is Multi-Dimensional Expert Learning

Practice for Performance

Take your musical practice skills to the next level with our proprietary, neuroscience-driven system that helps you practice smarter, not harder.

Mindset for Musicians

Say goodbye to performance anxiety and consistently perform with newfound confidence, mental strength, resilience, and flow. Trust yourself on stage when it counts.

Accelerated Performance

Master the SPARK PATH to Performance to work with your system, boost your performance cycle, and accelerate your performance readiness.

Spark Practice gets results 100% of the time, and I love to use it in my own practice and with my students!

SPARK Practice is effective, practical, and, therefore, motivating! 

Daina Staggs Violinist & Suzuki Association of the Americas teacher, Texas USA

Confidence is a Habit you can Learn

You can feel great in yourself, with your instrument, and on stage when it counts.

I want you to learn your unique profile of learning, get out of your own way, build the right habits, cultivate supportive mindsets, and easily put it all into fun, expert practice - so you become the confident musician you know you can be!

SPARK Practice is based in the Intentional Practice System: the science-driven intersection of Neuroscience, Elite Sports, Top Musical Conservatory Training, and Mindfulness. 

The result is a proven, proprietary system of flexible, adaptable frameworks to find your long-term intentions, support achievable objectives, and give you the act-now strategies to make sure you know exactly how to get there. 

Welcome to SPARK Practice! 

Here are a few of the benefits that SPARK Practicers enjoy:

😎 Ditch the overwhelm 

🧩 Organized, fun, efficient practice

🦄 Beat burnout & Performance Anxiety 

Make incredible progress that sticks

🎺 Get more out of your lessons 

🎲 No guessing for important concerts

🧠 Learn faster with better integration  

📬 Enjoy better playing opportunities

✌️Enjoy consistent, confident performance 

You know there's a better way to practice and perform - and now you've found it. I can't wait to support  every step of your superhero adventure with SPARK Practice! Click below to get started today.

Cutting-edge stuff… the tie between sports & performance psychology, and cutting-edge neuroscience.

Dr. Don Greene Author & Peak Performance Coach

Be Awesome and Nice to Yourself

You're here because you know there's a better way to practice and perform. 

I've been there too and understand every step: 

My 20+ years of teaching, sports coaching, research, and performing brought me SPARK Practice and the Intentional Practice System - now I finally love being on stage again and actually look forward to practicing, playing, and performing. I want that for you too.

Let's work together to support you, your students, or your school to learn faster with neurologically-accelerated practice boosts, cultivate supportive, confident mindsets, and accelerate consistently awesome performances.




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Practice + Mindset + Performance = Confident Musicians