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“Cutting-Edge” SPARK Practice Shoutout from Dr Don Greene

dongreene intentionalpractice nervoussystemneutral performancepsychology sarahfromparis selfregulationissexy sparkpractice Apr 09, 2023

Did you see Dr. Don Greene mention SPARK Practice last night? (Yes, THAT Don Greene - the godfather of performance psychology in music) 

SPARK Practice got a 4-minute shoutout from Dr Don Greene about our unique, Neurologically-Aligned Intentional Practice System. Complete with a list of the SPARK pillars, he acknowledged that this is the future of performance training, that this is what he sees as the future, and that SPARK Practice is doing “Cutting-Edge” stuff. 


Yep, we agree. 

He was also really pleased with himself that his principles were so close to the SPARK Practice pillars - YES! You’re going in the right direction, Dr Greene! - and I look forward to taking him up on continuing the conversation to fill in the gaps. 

If you have been a fan of Dr Don Greene, come with him on the journey of exploring SPARK Practice. You’ll revolutionize your playing, AND develop a positive, supportive relationship with yourself.

Start with Nervous System Neutral, the foundational course that lays out self-regulation and cultivates a supportive conversation with yourself so you can safely and boldly strive for performance excellence, all while being nice to yourself, too.

Start your journey to performance excellence through transformative practice today.




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