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☠️ Fix your Intonation Problems Forever in 5 Minutes or Less

attunedintonation brainhacking deliberatepractice happypracticing intentionalpractice practicehack scaleton Nov 29, 2022

My favorite practice tip - the Spark Practice SCALE-TON ☠️ for Great Intonation!

The backbone of the harmony (🤣) of the scale is made of 3 notes : the Tonic, Dominant, & Sub-Dominant.

These 7 easy steps take less than 5 minutes and will level up your playing

Have your student isolate a phrase or passage and do the following :
+ perform & record a phrase you’re working on
+ identify the key (make sure to look at the score too!)
+ identify the Scaleton (Tonic, Dominant, & Sub-Dominant)
+ play only these 3 notes for a bit (in as many octaves as they can)
+ after about 30 seconds of only the Scaleton, they can start to add back in other notes.
+ perform & record the phrase again
+ enjoy the difference! 🚀

Level 2 Scale-ton : 

Does the Scaleton fall on big beats or elsewhere in the rhythmic structure? What does that mean in the music? 🧐😎

This is an awesome tool, especially in the #AttunedIntonation pillar.


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