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Practice Makes … Pathways

brainhacking deliberatepractice happypracticing intentionalpractice neuroplasticity practicehack Sep 25, 2022
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Perfect? Permanent? Progress?

Well, kinda. But what practice really does is reinforce neurological pathways, so we “learn” how to do something, and eventually automate it.

So at its core, it’s an amazing thing, and really powerful. But we know that with great power comes great responsibility, right?

That’s why we take the time to practice with intention so that we spend our time learning instead of “unlearning” or “relearning” —> which just means that we spent too much time on the wrong path and now have to both build a new one AND remember to take it until we hit the tipping point and it becomes the superhighway. (Watch tomorrow for more about this part.)

So what we really have to remember is that anytime we practice something, we’re laying and reinforcing a pathway that eventually leads (progress) to automation (permanent, but not really). If we practice perfectly, our pathway better supports the idea that practice makes a (perfect) pathway. That’s why we need to practice with intention.

Also, because of neuroplasticity, nothing is really ever permanent. Which means that there is hope! If you learned something early and coming back to it, you have some issues, it’s ok! You can absolutely work out the kinks to your new, polished, beautiful version.

Happy practicing!

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