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Your First 4 Steps to Inner Peace 🌱

Oct 12, 2022

When everything is changing around us, or we’re in a period of intense learning (voluntary such as school & auditions or involuntary like job changes, the world, breakups, etc), we often feel a bit lost and sometimes like we’re grasping at air to try to find ourselves and have stable footing.

The most important thing during times like these is your relationship with yourself.

When you can be gently honest with yourself and acknowledge how it’s hard (or how you can feel your body and mind acting in funny ways), you’ll be able to get through it faster, and integrate more efficiently what you’re supposed to learn from the experience.

Remember, we can’t control the outcome - nor can we control other people’s actions or feelings. But we can develop tools to come home to ourselves, and develop a great relationship with ourselves first.

🌱 The Little Plant
My favorite exercise to keep in touch with myself is something I call The Little Plant.

1/ On the very innermost part of you, imagine a little plant. It could be a tree, or a flower, a sprout, or even a shrubbery 😉.

2/ Ask your little plant how it’s doing, and let the response come. Listen with kind curiosity, we never know what the little plant might say!

3/ Ask your little plant what it needs. It could be water, sunlight, sleep, fresh air, to eat something green, have a hug, who knows! Listen gently and let your plant guide the conversation.

4/ Take the easiest action to give your little plant something that it needs.

You can even set a reminder on your phone to check in with your Little Plant every day at a time that works for you - maybe just after lunch or as you’re brushing your teeth.

Starting this gentle, supportive, loving conversation with ourselves is the best way to both weather the storms and enjoy the sunshine. You got this. ❤️🚀🙏

See you Monday for the workshop on Positive Emotional Signatures - & Happy practicing!

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