I'm Sarah, the Practice Professor

I am so excited for you. 

You are becoming the player you always dreamed of - and I'm so thrilled to join you on your journey. 

About SARAH ⇨

About SPARK Practice ⇨

The SPARK Method for everyone!

I've learned so much on my path so far as a career muscian and in my 20+ years of teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience. Check out some big themes below - and let me know where you are in your journey!

You're here because you know there's a better way to practice and perform. 

I've been there too and had to figure out every single step: 

Musical-ish beginnings

Wait, what? Rowing?

Music School - a Happy Accident

Surviving Conservatory

Career Non-Sequitor

Coming Back after a Long Break (5-year!) 

Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease

Succeeding as a Motivated Adult Learner, Performer, and Teacher

Elite Performance Training for Auditions 

Surviving Injury as a musician

Finding Mindfulness in my Music Practice

Teaching & Transformation with SPARK Practice

Curating the life I love

My 20+ years of teaching, sports coaching, research, and performing brought me SPARK Practice and the Intentional Practice System - now I finally love being on stage again and actually look forward to practicing and performing. I want that for you too. I'll help you Find your Spark.

Let's work together to support you, your students, or your school to learn faster with neurologically-accelerated practice boosts, cultivate supportive, confident mindsets, and accelerate consistently awesome performances.

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I'm so thrilled to be part of your learning, practice, and performance journey. Click below to get started.

Practice for Performance

Mindsets for Musicians

Performance Accelerator

Where SPARK Practice started

SPARK Practice unifies Neurosciecne, Elite Sports, Top Musical Conservatory Training, & Mindfulness


Neuroscience helps us understand how to grow and retrain our brain, while building in supportive mindsets.

Elite Sports

Elite sports brings us elite training physiology and sports psychology to build confident performances.

Top Musical Training

Top conservatory training brings the best musical education together with access to the world's best teachers.


You can be awesome and nice to yourself. Mindfulness techniques & SPARK Mindsets support you all the way.

How to SPARK Practice 

SPARK Practice for Individuals

You're here! You're ready! Let's do this.

SPARK Practice: Classes/Support for individuals include:

I want to communicate my love for music with my unique, proven frameworks for Practice, Mindset, and Performance. I believe that every musician can get out of your own way and that you can become the player you want to be.

Get started with SPARK Practice right now! 

SPARK Practice for Schools / Festivals

As a passionate teacher, you don't want to spend your time repeating yourself about the importance of practice. 

Let me help you! With flexible frameworks that encourage neuroscience-backed accelerated learning and empower student autonomy, you can get back to what you actually love to teach. 

Just like music theory, it's not only the instrument professor's job to teach how to practice - there's a better way - and that's SPARK Practice. Let me support you to make a bigger impact for your students.

Classes and Workshops for schools/festivals include:

Through SPARK Practice, I support passionate teachers to facilitate a neurologically-aligned converstaion between the muscian, their instrument, and your teaching. You spend less time talking about the importance of practicing, and more time actually teaching what you know.

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SPARK Practice in your Curriculum

Bring SPARK Practice into your curriculum through hybrid-learning group classes. 

Learning How to Practice is an essential skill that all music schools should offer, and SPARK Practice is leading the way.

We currently support a semester schedule, but reach out and we'll see how we can meet your needs.

Get started with SPARK Practice in your curriculum today 

You are ready to Find your Spark!