One of the best things about being a musician & teacher is getting to know other musicians on a deeper level. So let me share a little about myself and why I’m passionate about SPARK Practice, and helping you achieve your goals.

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SPARK Practice exists to help you build security & confidence on stage and in the practice room. You will transform your playing whether you’re in conservatory, a performing musician, or even just starting out.

SPARK Practice came from my own diverse background, elite sports training, good (& bad) conservatory experiences, and years of struggle in the practice room. ​

I want you to succeed, to be happy, and confident in achieving your goals. 🚀


Music schools don’t teach people how to practice. We have theory, history, instrument lessons, but NO support for the thing we do the most - individual practice.

Even with master teachers, there’s a lot of loss in this excellent education with the current system.

Never before has been a simple, efficient, reliable, teachable, science-based, proven framework like ⚡️SPARK Practice.


SPARK Practice is the solution.

Intentional Practice combined with mindfulness Positive Emotional Signatures can change the narrative and inspire efficient, sustainable, constructive methods to excellence.

Even at top music schools, I felt like there was a big piece missing - but didn’t realize that learning how to practice is SO uncommon. SPARK Practice is the flexible framework uniquely based in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Elite Sports Training & Psychology
  • Top Musical Training with a vast repertoire of practice and performance techniques from generations of expert musicians
  • Mindfulness


Be unapologetically you, and be the best you that you can be.

This means a couple things:

  • Start Wherever You Are, Be Inclusive
  • THEORY Get the Best Information Possible & Keep it Current
  • ACTION Use Science & Expertise to put it into Action
  • COMMUNITY Find (or Create) a Community of Beautiful Humans on a Similar Journey
  • Celebrate the Wins, Know When to Rest, Get Unstuck with the Next Step


SPARK Practice brings together the Theory, Action, & Community

  • Each SPARK Practice session touches on every pillar of music-making. Each SPARK speaks to a musical objective building strength in the 3 Ms (musical, mental, & mechanical), and strategically builds & reinforces learning, retrieval, integration, and expression from every angle.
  • Instead of low-level work we level-up our playing with rich, neurologically complex musical objectives using Intentional Practice (SM).
  • Cultivate a good attitude. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness with Positive Emotional Signatures, using a process-based approach.
  • Concentrate on the right stuff with elite sports theory & psychology, know how to recover confidently, & build your mental game into your practice time.
  • Join The Practice Room, a supportive community to accelerate progress. 🚀


  • I’m a Teacher. Does SPARK Practice work in the Teaching Studio? What a great question! Yes. There are Lesson Booster sheets included at the end of your Practice Journal, and a class just for Teachers!
  • Neat but this sounds like I’ll be practicing 40+ hours/day?! Hahaha! No, probably not. Each SPARK Practice session is only 30 minutes long, and uses Intention and specific practice strategies to maximise efficiency. Usually, with better concentration and MUCH better strategies, 2 1/2 hours of focused practice time is enough, even to prepare for auditions and competitions.
  • Who Already Endorses SPARK Practice? Our courses are endorsed by Suzuki Association of the Americas for their continued education credit requirement. SPARK Practice has been invited for workshops, classes, residencies, and lectures by several international schools, conferences, & festivals, including RNCM, Musical Care, the International Viola Congress, the American Viola Society Journal, and others.
  • Why the 100 days of SPARK Practice? Because why not spend 100 days together developing positive practice habits and sharing our experiences in a relaxed, exciting environment.

SPARK Practice offers three main areas : LEARNING, ACTION, & THE PRACTICE ROOM. Check out www.sparkpractice.com 🚀

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