Nervous System Neutral

Self care meets self help. This is the essential toolkit course to learn the basics of how to regulate your nervous system and show up as your best self.

This unique, flagship course includes:

  • 5 Self-Study Modules
  • Handy PDFs & Easy Exercises 
  • Group Calls for Q&A, Community for one year
  • Practical, Small Steps so it’s Easy to Come Back, See Changes, and Complete the Course
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion valid for one year (send to your HR!)

Nervous System Neutral gives you:

  • What is Self Regulation
  • Nervous System Basics
  • Your Unique Stress Profile & Stress Mascot 
  • Your Unique Stress Antidote
  • Internal Calm Strategies
  • Urgent Care Strategies
  • Nervous System Safety in Relationships

Transform your relationship with yourself, find peace, and feel the shift in the world around you.

10-day no questions asked return policy. #selfregulationissexy #nervoussystemneutral #sparkpractice

$297.00 USD