Change the outcome of your week with great intentions

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Monday Standup!  

What’s your intention for your practice this week?

 In The Practice Room, each week we have a Standup to set our intentions and set up the week. This helps us frame our practice to be goal-oriented, and keep us moving towards our dreams.  

Think about the difference between going grocery shopping with a menu vs going shopping randomly. You need food, but which one is more likely to nourish you? Nom nom!  

So. Take a minute and in your SPARK Practice Journal, or just a notebook, write down your big intention for the week.  

The possibilities are endless and they are only there to gently support you.

Tips for great intentions?  

  •  + Use 1st-person Singular “I” statements  
  • + Positive framing (no negs/double negatives)  
  • + Stretch with the right degree of difficulty (sustainable maximum progress is measured at about 73% outside the comfort zone - so use your SMART goals and stretch a bit, but not too much.

With practice - and depending on the rest of your schedule - you’ll see what’s a reasonable and exciting push forward for you.)  

Examples :  

  • + I feel relaxed moving through the upper register of my scales  
  • + I feel the groove and understand the rhythmic form of my piece _____  
  • + I love to sight read along with a recording of my favorite quartet / symphony / etc.  
  • + I have an opinion about the phrasing in the development of _____  

Here we go! All set? Happy practicing! 🚀  

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