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"THERE IS NO FAILURE IN SPORTS" 💪 Giannis Antetokounmpo

elitesports failure intentionalpractice peakperformance performancepsychology sparkpractice May 08, 2023

"THERE IS NO FAILURE IN SPORTS" 💪 Giannis Antetokounmpo

⚡️ Spark Practice opinion : Tack towards the mark.

And remember : There are SO many types of productive failure. There are also so many game wins that are not productive, that aren’t helpful, or that reinforce habits that give short-term wins but long-term problems.

⚡️ Everything is about intention and what my dad used to call “tacking towards the mark.” This means that in sailing, you can rarely take a straight line to the finish line. And even sometimes you make a choice to point your boat in the opposite direction of the finish line - you can still be taking towards the mark.

⚡️ Tacking towards the mark:
+ You have a vision / mission of how you want to feel while you play and a standard of quality.
+ You cultivate awareness about actions that align with that vision / mission.
+ You decide on a strategy and plan to support moving efficiently towards that vision. (@sparkpractice)
+ As much as you can, you continue to intentionally take aligned action to move towards your specific, internally-driven vision.
+ Curate your colleagues / friends that authentically support you and cheer you on.
+ When you encounter challenges, pause & regroup using Nervous System Neutral : Notice, Support, Nurture
+ Get back up and keep tacking towards the mark. You got this.

⚡️ How are you tacking towards your mark today?

From Giannis Antetokounmpo
“Do you get a promotion every year at your job? No, right? So every year, your work is a failure? No. Every year, you work towards something, which is a goal: It's to get a promotion, to be able to take care of your family, provide a house for them, or take care of your parents. It's not a failure, it's steps to success. There's always steps to it. Michael Jordan played for 15 years and won 6 championships. The other 9 years were a failure? That's what you're telling me.
There's no failure in sports. There's good days, bad days, some days you are able to be successful, some days you're not, some days it's your turn, some days it's not your turn. That's what sport's about. You don't always win, some other people are gonna win. And this year, someone else is gonna win. Simple as that.
So 50 years from 1971-2021 that we didn't win a championship, it was 50 years of failure? No it was not, there were steps to it, and we were able to win one, hopefully we can win another one.”

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