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6 Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome for Good

brainhacking impostersyndrome littleplant neuroplasticity performanceanxiety Nov 17, 2022
Goodbye Imposter Syndrome

Everyone experiences imposter syndrome. It’s all part of pushing our nervous system boundaries. But it can be very scary and sometimes debilitating, so here are 6 specific steps to overcome anxiety & imposter syndrome.

1/ Acknowledge our emotions & where it’s happening in the body. What’s your fear reaction (fight / flight / flee / fawn) and where/how is it happening (sweaty & hot, cold numb feet, feeling sick…)

2/ Self regulate & breathing. Your body just wants to keep you safe, so when it feels like it’s in danger (wow really impressive people - I feel ….), it starts throwing sabotage shrapnel - and that’s what makes us feel so icky. This is when we need to self regulate. I like to start with a breathing exercise (4 counts in, 6 counts out).

3/ Check-in with your little plant. We want to build a strong relationship within ourselves. You can check this out for my 🌱 Little Plant exercise  How do you want to feel?

4/ Bring your mind back to safety. This is a “safe word” that brings your “why” front & center. How do you want to feel?

5/ Mantra time! I like to put one hand on my tummy & one on my chest, do some 4/6 breathing, and remind myself “I’m safe. I WANT to be here. I have the opportunity to make music.” Remind yourself gently that you’re not in danger - like if you were a little kid that got scared at the zoo. Reassure yourself gently until you feel ready to rejoin the party. How do you want to feel?

6/ Remind yourself of strengths in each SPARK Pillar to keep you moving and help get grounded again. How do you want to feel? Point yourself in that direction and start taking tiny little steps.

Just remember, imposter syndrome is like an electrical storm in your brain and body - it’s your brain just trying to keep you safe. Performing, and being vulnerable in general, is really scary - so like some storms, of course what your brain with it’s very scary. However, there are tools to support nervous system regulation and grounding, then centering.

You’re going to be great! ⚡️❤️🎵🚀

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