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Know thyself : What’s your fear reaction?

Nov 07, 2022

How well do you know yourself?

This week is all about different aspects of our basic wiring. Everyone is different and knowing your own reflexes / starting point is only going to help you in overcoming performance anxiety and playing your best.

So let’s jump in : What’s your basic fear reaction?

In the face of fear, we all have a signature reaction (or combo). This also comes out on stage in unique ways. Which one sounds like you?

Stay and fight - defend your ground! Performance impact : More agressive, pressure, plow ahead, hard sound, blinders on

Run away!!! Performance impact : mind racing, rushing, just get me outta here, let it be over, I have to get offstage

Like a deer in headlights! Performance impact : Memory slips, going blank, can’t remember how to play, instrument feels like you’ve never picked it up before

Omg you’re so pretty, compliments & flattery to appease the situation. Performance impact : losing the pulse, not playing from the “driver’s seat”, following the accompaniment, worrying about what the jury thinks, ong did someone caugh? Was that a laugh? Do they like me???

Knowing your fear reaction/s is a great place to start in overcoming performance anxiety. Remember, there are so many tools you’ll learn with @sparkpractice to overcome these reactions with your own confident responses. With neuroplasticity, elite sports, top musical training, & mindfulness, you have the tools you need to feel strong & confident on stage. 🚀

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